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Sustainable Energy Solutions

Sustaining our core values we actively pursue innovation through the use of technology and science in the pursuit of making existing and new buildings more energy efficient, delivering responsible new building designs, and decarbonizing existing urban infrastructure.

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We provide solutions through energy audits in both commercial and business settings. Both Solar Panel Installation and Wind Turbine Installation teams provide the highest customer care and service. We are dedicated to delivering the most innovative and state of the art solutions and products.

Professional Energy Consultants

Our energy design consultants look at all aspects of the building including HVAC equipment, duct system, lighting, office equipment and electronics, building envelope, windows, and doors. We go one step further and look into solar panel design and wind turbine design. Using a systematic and financial approach we are able to determine the optimal solutions for your property’s sustainable energy reduction and renewable energy creation needs.

Sustainable Energy Reduction

Finding out which solutions are useful and actually work can be a challenge. We can determine the most cost-effective solutions to maximize the reduction of your energy consumption. There are specific changes that can greatly reduce energy consumption, decrease your carbon footprint, and save you money on a monthly basis. BYE’s home energy audits will help you find even more monthly savings.

Renewable Energy Creation

During our consultation you will be advised on which renewable energy creation solutions are the most cost-effective to you. Our team of accredited & certified experts will present an ECO-friendly environment opportunity with renewable energy creation solutions to include Solar PV, Wind Turbine, Solar Thermal Heating and Geothermal technologies.


We are dedicated to delivering sustainable energy services and products which help you save money on your electric bills while providing a better environment. We offer home energy audits which help us detect where you can save on your energy bills and provide additional recommendations for solar panels, wind turbines, and other energy saving products. Our solutions can save you thousands of dollars over the course of a year and provide you with the opportunity to help protect our precious environment.

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